Atria Design

Atria Design Examples (click to enlarge)


Atria Design Features

  1. Page Options  Default and Splash Pages
  2. Page Options  Left column, Page Title
  3. Customize Design Color Palette, Fonts and Background
  4. Top Navigation Content  will let you extend the text to the right
  5. Main Navigation  can be left, center or right aligned
  6. Main Header  Animated Slideshow image, Page Image can have custom height
  7. Footer Content Content is left aligned and will extent almost all the way to the right - EXCEPT it messes up the footer items.  In order for the footer to look good, either all footer and nav items should be off, or only allow the content in short column with break tags
  8. Footer Navigation  In-line with Powered by
  9. Footer  cannot change the alignment of the Powered by elements