Cocoa Design

Coca Design Examples (click to enlarge)


Coca Design Features

  1. Page Options  Home and Inside pages
  2. Page Options  Color Theme (changes the section groups color & links) and Right Side Column
  3. Customize Design Fonts only
  4. Top Navigation Content  will only put content between the logo and secondary navigation - it will not go any taller then the main navigation height.
  5. Secondary Navigation  is up in the top of site below the Top Navigation
  6. Main Navigation  can only change the link color
  7. Main Header  No options
  8. Footer Content Content is left align will extent almost the way to the right with about 1/2 in from right (not spaced the same as left padding).  To make this look nice the footer elements need to not be in the "all on 1 line" layout
  9. Footer Navigation  Below Powered By in "all on 1 line" footer layout or above Powered By in "2 lines or 3 lines" footer layout
  10. Footer  can change layout of elements; all on 1 line, 2 lines or 3 lines