Editing Interface

Productive CMS features a simple and intuitive editing interface. It's easy to use by beginners and powerful enough to give enhanced control to advanced users.


Work on content safely while visitors are browsing your site

Productive CMS websites have two views - Normal view and Admin view. The Normal view is what visitors will see when accessing the site. The Admin view is accessible only for the site owner. Visually it is the same as Normal view except for the editing icons which let you manage content. Once ready with changes in Admin view, you can instantly publish them to Normal view with a single click.


Just point and click to edit any type of content

Each content element in Admin view is represented by a blue rectangle. Clicking on the blue wrench in the two left corner of the blue rectangle will bring up a content-specific editor where you can apply changes and manage properties. Rolling over the blue wrench icon will open a menu with additional options like add, move, delete, copy, place on hold.


Easily manage site structure and advanced functions

A  Control Panel Menu is available in the top right corner of every page on your site. It lets you manage site structure, view site statistics, update personal information, or change site design.