Productive CMS Support Forum hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 RE: Background <p class="plain">James,</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">To make the background of just one page different from other pages - take the script in my first reply and just put it anywhere on your page that is not in a shared area and it should work.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Let me know if you have any questions,</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Mary</p> Productive IT 2009-07-22T05:57:28-07:00 RE: Background RE: Background <p class="plain">Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, that's not exactly what I was looking for. I only wanted to change the background on one of my pages. I don't want to change the background on all of them at once.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Thanks again.</p> James Magnoli 2009-07-21T19:47:36-07:00 RE: Background RE: Background <p class="plain">Hello James,</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Try adding the code below so that you can change the background of your site.  Make sure the code goes into the shared area of your site (like a header area or footer area that is on every page) so that the image shows up on all pages.  </p> <p class="plain"><br><style></p> <p class="plain">body, body.template {<br>      background-color: <b><i>#your-color-hex-value</i></b>;<br>      background-image: url(<i><b>your-image-url</b></i>);<br>      background-position: top left;<br>      background-repeat: repeat-x;<br>}</p> <p class="plain"></style></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">-The <b><i>#your-color-hex-value</i></b> is the color that comes up while the page image is loading - and around the image when the screen is bigger than the image itself.<br>-The <i><b>your-image-url</b></i> is the unique url of the image you want loaded</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">To get the image url - insert the image as a file area on a page on your site that no one else will see (meaning it isn't linked anywhere on your site).  Once the image is loaded into the file area - publish your page - and edit the file where the image is. Click "show options"  under "access control" - there you will find your permanent url link.  This is your url for your image. Insert this url into your code above and publish your page.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Let me know if you have any more questions.</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">Thank you,<br>Mary</p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain"></p> Productive IT 2009-06-11T10:45:53-07:00 RE: Background Background <p class="plain">is there any way to add an image to a single page as a background on that page? i have been sitting here for an hour now trying to figure it out and i have come up with nothing.</p> James Magnoli 2009-05-03T18:28:41-07:00 Background RE: Imbedding Site <p class="plain">Hi Kathy,<br><br>Try adding the existing webpage through an iframe. The code is: <br><br><iframe <br>src =""<br>width="100%"><br></iframe><br><br>Add the code in an HTML snippet where you want the page to be displayed. Let me remind you that you have to enable the HTML snippet first from Control Panel > Advanced Elements > check HTML snippet.<br><br>Let us know if that works.<br><br>Best,<br><br>Hanan</p> <p class="plain"> Support<br></p> Productive CMS 2008-10-27T07:11:19-07:00 RE: Imbedding Site Imbedding Site <p class="plain">How do I imbed a web page from another site to my own site?</p> Kathy Godwin 2008-10-27T07:04:15-07:00 Imbedding Site