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Hosting a Business After Hours


One of the most successful Chamber events is the Business After Hours (BAH) which gather once a month. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many of your fellow Chamber members and promote your business at the same time. This event is free to Chamber members. Hours are 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.


Should you decide to co-host a Business After Hours, we will provide:


Promotion of your Business After Hours by:

                Sending press releases to area media

                Sending an invitation/RSVP form in the Chamber e-newsletter (approx.400)

                Having the Mayor of Wetumpka or a City Councilman in your district attend

                Posting event on www.wetumpkachamber.com Chamber website

                Administration of all registration for the event

                Name tags

                Event on a sandwich board on street/sidewalk of your storefront

                Pictures taken of event

                Provide a list of registrants for your database


Your business would provide:


                Background information on your company to be used in Chamber promotional materials

                Refreshments (hors d’oeuvres) for all guests

                Door Prizes (3)

                A table and waste basket at the entrance of your business for the Chamber to use for registration

                A space to display the Chamber banner (preferably outside your building or directly in front of the entrance)

                A spokesperson to do a two-minute “commercial” for your business during 6:45 PM announcements

                Any promotional materials or items about your business that you would like to display or give to our members (If you would like guests to take materials home with them, we ask that you give them out at the end of the events.)

                A list of the names of the people from your company who will be attending the event


Some helpful guidelines:


                Your event should reflect your company’s personality and style (a small business office will have a completely different type of event than a large retailer). Keep your event simple, as most guests look forward to just mingling and chatting.

                Decide exactly how much you want to spend on refreshments. Come up with a budget and stick to it. This event should not break the bank. Typical attendance is 20+ people.

                We do ask that you utilize fellow Chamber members for catering and refreshments. A list can be obtained from the Chamber.

                Craft your 2-minute commercial by sitting down and drafting an outline. Your commercial should include: Your position, name of the business, the type of business, what your specialty products and services are, (for retailers, your hours and any upcoming promotions or sales.) Some places create a special discount for Chamber members.




To host an event, please use the form below or contact the Executive Administrator, Jamie Young, at Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce, (334) 567-4811 or jyoung@wetumpkachamber.org for assistance.


Return this form by email to jyoung@wetumpkachamber.org or by fax to (334) 567-1811.